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Educational Background

My academic background is prehistoric archaeology. Nevertheless, due to the selection of practical training on excavations, I received strong methodical foundation in the excavation and analysis of deeply stratified sites and building recording on sites at St. Alban's and Repton co-directed by Prof. Martin Biddle, Birthe Kjølbye-Biddle and Dr. Harold Taylor.

1995, I submitted my PhD-dissertation to the Department of History at University of Münster. My thesis was entitled Straubing-Bajuwarenstraße und Öberau. ‒ Studien zur Keramik und Siedlungswesen der Früh- und Mittelbronzezeit in Niederbayern. (Abstract.) My supervisor was Prof. Albrecht Jockenhövel. Prof. Thorsten Capelle, Prof. Joachim Wollasch and Prof. Peter Weber were on the examination board.

I feel dedicated to my own Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Therefore, I constantly study new methods and try to enhence existant abilities and skills, esp. in modern technologies and methods, and keep up-to-date with current heritage legislation in Britain and Germany, alike.


Work Experience

Since 1995, I gained comprehensive work experience as professional archaeologist. I worked in different areas within the historic environment sector in Britain, Germany and Syria. Acting at these projects, I obtained experience as line manager and had budget responsibilities.

This work comprises roles as

I am dedicated to work in projects for social and environmental benefit: through research and training. My main objective is finding out about the past, and communicating this knowledge to the public. Currently, I am looking for a new professional challenge. Are you interested in working together with me? Please, contact me...

Please, download my complete Curriculum Vitae, here.

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